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Throwing codes after installing tune

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I have recently received a tune from LMS along with CAI, plugs, thermostat, and bar map sensor. Everything went well when placing the tune in the car with 93 octane. took to the street and did a pull and then hell broke loose.


Brought back into garage and found car throwing 2codes. Believe they were P0106 something about barometer sensor (spelling issue), and then p0306 I believe stating mis Fire. check plugs and everything looked good. So reinstalled factory tune and took back to the street. After flooring the car everything seemed to be back to normal until the second time. THe engine light came on and the car started chugging.


Back tithe garage and got three codes. Cannot remember them. Cleared codes and started car and unitl I laid on it again and then the same thing happened. back to the garage and throwing code 306.


Can anyone help me out???? I cannot get my at to run right since we placed the tune on.

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What year is your SHO, and how many miles on it?  Whereabouts are you located?


You installed the 3 bar MAP at the same time you installed the tune, correct?  Replaced the stock 2 bar on top of the intake manifold?  When you put the stock tune back on, you went back to the stock 2 bar MAP also?  Check the 3 bar carefully for oil residue, if so (too early, but ...) clean with MAF cleaner and reinstall.


Any smoke from the exhaust or any fuel smell?  When you pulled the plugs, did they look/smell normal?  Had you checked the gap before installing them?  Were the COP boots nice & dry?  Where did you get the 93 fuel from, was it a high-volume station/top tier?  Car been sitting for any length of time just prior?


Any pooling oil in the intake piping or the intercooler?  PCV system issues and sudden ingestion of oil by the turbos could raise similar problems.  Check via plug wells to make sure cylinders are dry, rule out hydrolock type issues.


Other:  Possible leaky injector.  Possible a hose or two in the turbo piping area came loose.  Possible the "new" 3 bar sensor is defective, or you need to download the tunes from LME again (talk to them first about it, tune files may not be the right ones or be corrupted, or ...).  PCM has to relearn each time you change the tune.

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I have a 2013 with 52,000 and I am located outside of Chicago, Il.


I did in stall the new map sensor but I did not swap it out on the top of the intake but rather on the block hose leading to the intake. I saw this in the instructions after I got home for the night. I am hoping this is the issue???? I did swap it back out when putting the stock tune back in place but I am still throwing the code when I get on it. There is no oil residue on the sensor


There wasn't any smoke that I could see since it was dark out but once I did a pull with the 93 octane tune on, the car started bogging down and then there was a stalk ring suffer smell. Plugs looked good once a couple of them were pulled. Boot were dry and bought the 93 octane from BP gas. Car was not sitting for any period of time either.


I did notice oil in the charge piping when trying to remove the rear spark plug. We disconnected the charge piping and this is when I notice the oil. But car had been running fine before all the work began.


Thank for your suggestions.

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Thank you all for the help and advice. Turns out that that cylinder 1's spark plug had hairline crack down 2 sides which was causing the misfiring. Got that fixed and actually put the 3 Bar Map Sensor in the right place and re-installed the tune. The tune is running great and the car is a whole lot more responsive now.


So where do I go from here? Downsides? ATP turbos? Exhaust? Who knows but the journey has just begun.

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Great to hear.


With the onset of nicer weather here in the CHI, I would imagine you'll get to get out there & enjoy your newly found powah.


Remember to get everything up to operating temps, especially the trans, before romping on her too hard.




Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk

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