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Noisey front brakes, some times!

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In my search for this I didn't find anything. So, if I missed it, please let me know or direct me there.


The last few days, I've noticed my front brakes seam noisey at certain times.

I have to run my daughter for treatments 3 days a week. Of course, they can't do it where we live so I have to run her to Cleveland.

I've noticed that after some of the stop and go traffic, that my front brakes seem to make a lot of noise. Almost to the point where you would think they are shot. And I even get some brake pedal fluctuation after a while.


After we get home and the car sits for a while or even over night, the noise is gone and the pedal feels fine. Until the next trip and it starts all over again.


Is this something I should be really concerned about or take it with a grain of salt at this time/


BTW, the rotors look fine, a little grooving but nothing serious, and the pads seem to have plenty of material on them.


Thanx for any advice guys.

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Is it a grinding or howling or screeching noise or ...?  Don't know about the MKS, but early 4th gen SHOs had noise issues with the OEM brakes/pads.  So it might be considered "normal" by the dealer/Ford.  It didn't help that braking power was kind of weak for the 2010-12 MYs.


Do you know if the brakes are OEM to the car?  Might have to change out pads (preferably aftermarket) and at least turn the rotors.

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It sounds and feels more like a grinding noise.


I'm going to assume that at least the pads were replaced. I bought the car with about 52K on it and it has 68k on it now. I can't imagine that these would be the original pads with the miles on the car and the amount of brake pad left.


I'm going to also assume that it has OEM parts. The vehicle was a 3 year lease from the dealership I bought it from. It came back in and the owners dad (the previous owner of the dealership) needed a winter vehicle. so, I'm willing to bet they prepped it for him to drive for the 6 to 9 months he had it but probably didn't go overboard when getting it ready to sell. Probably new pads all the way around but turned rotors or possibly even nothing done to the rotors.


Again, I got home from my trip around 7 last night and when I went out about 9 to pick up my step daughter, everything sounded fine and felt good. And it was fine this morning.



My first thought is to just put new rotors and pads on but not OEM. I put ABT drilled and slotted rotors with Akebono pads on my 2003 Lincoln LS 4 years ago and when I traded it in on the MKS last year, the rotors and pads were still in great shape after 3 years and about 30k miles.

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The stock brakes for 10-12 vehicle are undersized. You can replace them but They'll warp again, all it takes is 1 good high speed panic stop. I recommend upgrading to 2013+ brake calipers and rotors. You could do front only or all 4. Total with calipers, brackets, rotors and pads, its about $470. But IMHO well worth it. A lot more stopping power, fade resistance and durability due to the larger/thicker rotors. I've only done them on the front of my sho so far and its a huge upgrade


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