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Hey everyone, I'm a newbe and would like to ask a few things.


I'm currently not a owner of a SHO, however plan to be soon..


-  I've been looking at SHO's for about 6 months now and I think I want to stay with 2014 and newer as the TSB's are fewer and fewer. Would you all agree?

-  I'm still not sure how to tell a PP SHO, over a non PP SHO..  I was told PP have 20" wheels and the others don't, if that's the case I'm not sure if I have ever seen a Non PP.  Is there a VIN I.D. that will tell me? 

-  Is the monitor screen really that difficult to manage through?

-  I'm loving the performance of the Ecoboost 3.5L and I hear and see clips of these Taurus' pushing 500-600 hp (crazy), I'm not looking for that, but I wouldn't mind seeing 350-360hp to the wheels.  Is this possible with just a tuner? Or what direction will I need to go?  Seems like Exhaust is good for around 20hp (not sure  how loud they are inside the car), a after market air filter maybe 8-10hp, not looking to go meth, etc.


of course I have more questions but will start with that. 


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PP Equipped cars for those model year's and up, will have the auxiliary coolers. Just peer through the lower valance / grill and look for the aux tranny cooler, will be a giveaway to the PP variant. There are other ways to decipher, but that'd be easiest.


No clue on fumbling through the monitor screens, as mine is a 2010. Maybe others will chime in on that.


You can achieve your desired power goals with just a mere tune. Ford left a lot on the table as far as that is concerned. Incorporating other aspects of power adders will enhance those numbers further.


Hopefully that addresses your short list for now. Good luck and welcome aboard.


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Thank you for the response, on the tune I keep hearing about the 93 octane from Livernois (spelling?). Good/bad indifferent, could you suggest a tune?

I was a bit unsure of your answer on the PP, were you saying that all 2014 and up are PP? Otherwise I will do as you suggested.


Seem to have done a few things to your '10, have you lowered yours. I've heard and personally experienced noise in the steering on a lowered SHO. How about you?

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As far as a Livernois tune (yes, you had the spelling correct) speaking from experience, and other's testimonials, I would just go right to their latest revision of their 93 performance tune.


Unless of course, you are challenged with finding 93 in your area, then I suppose it's a safe bet to have them send you their 91 file also, in the event of travelling where 93 isn't readily available.


To clarify on the PP / Non-PP variations, the primary difference for 2013 model years and up, is that the PP equipped cars have all of the auxiliary coolers. 


The differences between the two package offerings for the 2010-2012 model years is a tad bit more challenging to differentiate.


LOL @ "Seems (I) have done a few things to (my) 2010"..... that's the biggest understatement of the year. 


Yes, I am THAT goon, who has consistently promoted and elevated the platform to it's outer extremes. My mod list is extensive, and I have a myriad of talented individuals to thank for their contributions respectively.


A couple of recent shots from this year's World of Wheels event held in Chicago......








As well as recent video from this year's Race & Performance Expo, also held in Chicago......




Oh yea, and last but not least, let's not forget either of these two videos......






So umm yea....... I've done "a few things"...... lol.


Enjoy and happy modding of your SHO!

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