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2013 PP SHO Introduction


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Greetings Everyone!

I am new to the SHO forum. I did own a 1995 SHO. I was previously with the Buick Regal GS list, and then two Pontiac G8 GT lists, the G8 FORUM and the high performance Gr888 list which was an open list, a fun list, where everything, names, products, services were all open season, just no meanness.

My name is Joe and I have a problem.

I like to modify my vehicle and can't stop myself.

I used to slowly moddify my cars because of finances , until they had 100,000+ miles on them and they were perfect. But the had 100,000 + miles on them. With the G8 I went right out and followed the forum recipe for mid 12's and for 127,000 miles I was happy. Best time 12.58@109.78, driven right off the street to Atco nj racetrack. I could snap off 5 or 6 13.00's hotlapped, driven from Gas station to track, babyseat in back, stock tires, stock tire pressures, trunk full of: full size spare, 3 ton jack, sports equipment, tools, etra parts, hiking boots and clothes and coats.

I never made it to the track with my last set up: version 2 Vararam Ram Air CAI, Yella Terra aluminum 1.85 roller rockets, Comp Cams custom Pro pushrods, PRC .600 Beehive springs, light exhaust port, clean up and slight port. Or with my ported and polished MAF, Balduccis Racing rebuilt trans with extra Red Alto clutches and steels, new lightweight flex plate and CircleD 3000 rpm stall. Custom VMS tune. I will always wonder what it would have done with all the new goodies. I fixed everything right before I traded it in, I put new Russel ss brake lines, changed diff fluid, put on new FE3 GXP struts and shocks, BMR poly bushings, Whiteline

Poly bearings. New EBC rotors and Hawk Performance’s HPS braking compound with unique Ferro-Carbon matrix. I was preparing the car for long distance travel this summer, then decided on the SHO and a warranty, AWD was a definite plus.

After the dealer bend over encounter and the G8 traded in, I got a FORD Taurus SHO -2013 with Performance package , 35,500 miles, Ford certified, 402a package, and moonroof. Black with metalflake exterior and with charcoal and black leather interior. It has new Chinese Zenna Argus UHP tires rated 420 AA/A. Cool looking tread pattern, but all season not PP spec summer tires. I looked them up on net and they had a following saying works as good any good UHP tire and got great marks from M3 guys and Mustang guys. I can't break them loose in the rain , seem a little loud but drive smooth, straight and has great traction so far in mostly wet NJ conditions.

Unfortunately I have only been able to drive the SHO in the rain, 136 miles and now it is in the shop.

Wiper fluid motor. No fluid squirting. Reservoir is full. Dead no noise.

Distinct whining gear noise middle of car, worse faster you go, over 35 gets real loud at 65.

The Rpm flutters on the tach, like bad plugs, or missing...The car set a SES code on dash.(p0456-purge valve gross leak detected)

The tach needle flutters just above 500, ....low?

Stalled at idle 4 times, once at a light....but starts right back up. Seems to drive ok, no odd noises, taps or smoke. The

Brake fluid is like Belgium chocolate brown.

The dealer called said, wiper fluid motor is dead,the stalling and rpm fluttering was purge valve leak and the whine is from the rear axle, and they are replacing the axle but may take up to a week to get parts. This is my SHO introduction....

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Welcome aboard Joe!


You're in good company as I, & others here, also embrace our modding habits.


Envious you owned the 95 SHO, as I recall growing up & desiring one, but couldn't afford it back then.


So thank you for being one of a host of previous Gen owners, who helped facilitate the current 2010 & up model years.


If it wasn't for you and others, I wouldn't have the SHO that I so richly enjoy to this very day.


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