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Thanks everyone for all the input over the last year - I finally got up the courage and bought my Livernois tuner, Map sensor, plugs and thermostat on Saturday.


Hopefully it arrives soon - wife and kid are out of town this week so I have ample time to get it all installed! Plugs and map sensor seem easy, but I'm a little worried about the thermostat install, any tips from the pros?

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Have coolant on hand to replace what you lose during the TStat replacement process.  If burping does not work even after multiple tries, using a Lisle SpillFree Funnel is very likely to ensure success.  The cooling system is very sensitive to air pockets, so be patient :)

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Thermostat swap is even easier than the plugs.


Just remove the housing, extract old thermo, install new, burp system.


15, to maybe 30min of your time, in total.


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How do I burp the coolant? Simple procedure? I saw this on instructables, is this accurate?



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