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Brake Clips - Is this Right?

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Hi Guys,


I just had all of my pads and rotors replaced on my '13 SHO, non-PP. If you look at the picture below, I circled the brake clips, that are jutting out beyond the pads. They're not rubbing against my wheels, so I'm not really worried, but I'm concerned when I downsize to a 19" winter wheel/tire package (which I intend on doing).


First off, is the clip position normal for our cars, and, if so, do you think I'll run into any issues when shopping for a 19" wheel/tire package? Should I be looking for a particular offset to avoid any issues? Thanks!


Just to add, I'm looking at 19" wheels with a 35mm and 45mm offset. Would the 35mm be the better choice in order to ensure I don't run into issues with hitting the brakes? I believe the stock 20"s are 39mm offset.



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You know I don't recall ever seeing them on my car, but I don't know if they are all that important, seems that I recall when I put the EBC Redstuff pads on my car, that the tech that installed them said something about the clips didn't work or fit with these pads. Now I do have a non PP car and did get PP pads but they are doing great without problems. 

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