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Cali or '50-State" Emissions for '17 Focus ST?

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Just looking to see if anyone can explain or comment on '50-state' or Cali emissions on a 2017 Focus ST.


We live in FL, but my kid is living in California for the next 12-16 months and needs a car.  Right now she is really interested in a new '17 Focus ST but does not want a car with Cali specific emissions that might end up being a pain to deal with down the road.


The local dealer (in Monterey) told us that: "cars are all the same" and that "there is no difference vs the cars sold in FL".


However..  When I look up emissions specs, I find three different emissions type codes that seems to contradict what the sales guy is saying.  codes:  '50-state(425)',  'Cali Emissions Exempt(936)', and 'Cali Emissions Not Required(423)'


I have read each of the descriptions, but am still left with unanswered questions..  Is there anything significantly different about a car purchased (new) in Cali that we should be concerned about?   and I there any reason not to buy a car in Monterey knowing that the kid will be moving out of state relatively soon?


We just have to decide if its ok to just buy the car in Cali,  or if we are better off buying the car in FL (or somewhere else) and driving it over to the left coast.


Please feel free to chime in with any thoughts on this.


**The car will be registered in FL**

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