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I changed the cabin air filter in the MKT a few days ago.The car has approx 13K miles on it now, and it really needed it. The 12 month/12K miles recommendation is probably a really good interval after seeing how nasty this thing was:






It was pretty easy, the hardest part was getting the clips loose on the snap cover in order to pull the filter out. The clips are in a pretty bad position, but with a small flathead screwdriver or other prying tool, they will pop loose and allow you to pull the cover off. The filter pulls straight out, and is easy to change once that cover is removed. I replaced the OEM filter with an aftermarket carbon type filter to help remove any odd odors over time and help keep the cabin smelling clean and clear. It was only $14 from http://www.rockauto.com

OEM type replacements were only $8.00 if that's what you wanted to use.


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Where can we find a carbon filter @? Is the filter that dirty because the driver is in a high humidity or smokes in the car?


Nope, neither. Humidity isn't that bad here in Pennsylvania and I don't allow smokers to smoke in the car. Also, I don't run the A/C all that much, most of the time I have the window down or the sunroof open, so I was really surprised at the amount of dirt in the filter.

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