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PTU Vent - Updated Vent

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I've ordered and received the updated Vent Assembly: AG1Z-7034-A. I was not able to locate any pictures on line or uploads of the install instructions included so I am posting them here:










PDF's of the install instructions are attached. I'm going to see if I can install without removal from the vehicle and get the existing PTU to last until my tax return next year (if not longer). 


I'll post an update with my success or failure.





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Hooray! I was successful in replacing the stock vent with the upgraded one. It is a pain but doable with jack, jack-stands, screwdriver, and a butt-load of 3/8th extensions (for not only removing the fill plug but also for tapping the new vent into the hole).









I took the car for a 20-25 min drive with the kiddo and when I parked the car afterwards I didn't have the dripping PTU fluid any longer.... I suspect it will take a bit for the smell to go away entirely but I used some brake cleaner to clean up what I could.


I'll report back in a week or so and advise if I notice anything else positive / negative. 


Big thanks to everyone's posts on this forum for giving me the info to tackle this  :D

Hopefully these documents / pictures will help someone else haha - I'll probably work on throwing this info on one of the other Taurus forums too for those with this PTU that don't necessary cross reference the ecoboost peeps. 

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