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13 trunk conversion

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Splicing hell as you say.


And the '13+ tail assemblies in and of themselves won't fit on the '10-'12 model year(s).


The inner assemblies particularly, mandate you purchase the ENTIRE '13+ trunk lid, IN CONJUNCTION WITH, those nifty LED assemblies.


Which will also cause you to relocate the rear (as my kids call it....) "old man" cam too.


And then ofcourse, if you pull a jy trunk lid, better hope to God you get the same color, and even then (especially with the metallics) that they match your car, otherwise it's off to the body shop for you my friend, for sanding / strip down, prep, and refinishing, then blending into adjoining body panels/rear bumper etc.


Yikes! There went the budget on this mod! Lol.


In the end ........ doable? Yes.


Worth it really though, when you can divert mod money elsewhere? Not really.


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