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Thermostat Issues


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Running the 160 Tstat with a v10 tune. It's now winter in Cleveland, and I can't seem to get heat to stay running in the cabin. Takes forever to warm up, and I can only get heat when the engine is under load.


If I come to a stop - the HVAC cools down significantly.


Is this a function of the tune, thermostat, or both?


Can I swap back to the stock thermostat on a v10 tune in the winter to eliminate this issue?

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The symptoms you describe, are spot on for the degas tank being low on coolant.


The 160 thermo has NEVER been an issue for several, including myself, that have run them in/during the winter months.


I suspect your system still needed burping, and was likely not performed correctly when the thermo swap was performed.


Top off the tank, and continue verifying the tank remains topped off, as these cars are HIGHLY prone to lack of heat issues when the tank is even the slightest bit low.


Give that a whirl and good luck.


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