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2013 ecoboost w/3.55 towing 10k goosneck

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who here towsc6f47b1a32a2f57e02024a6783d3ca4b.jpge3944341347d195cfc27a08ea8b6e906.jpg a goosneck with their ecoboost? I currently tow a 20' gooseneck with 2 side by sides on it. I'd roughly guess the weight at 7k. It pulls fine. I'm buying a bigger trailer and it weighs 6k dry putting me at 10k total. I don't have max towing on the truck but I think I have the tranny cooler. Suggestions? Thoughts?



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We tow, but not with the Ecoboost, but the wife's Explorer. And nothing nearly that have...only our utility trailer and an A-Liner camper.  Probably not much more than 2500 pounds max.  But the normally aspirated 3.5 does a good job and gets respectable mileage. 

 Looks like maybe you should conside a load leveling suspension upgrade for the rear, especially if you are going heavier. 

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