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Hi All!


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Not an Ecoboost owner yet but will be soon. Thought I would join up to learn about what you guys have been doing with the ecoboost.


I currently drive a 2012 Focus 5 speed hatch. I was hoping to make the switch to the Fusion by the end of this month but it must be put off for a bit. So, I will be browsing and learning what you guys have been doing with the 2.0L Ecoboost.

My Focus has a tune from Injected Engineering, AEM DryFlow with airbox mod, eFocus Rear Motor Mount, FSWerks Stealth Exhaust, Steeda rear swaybar and rear shock tower brace. I love the car but its time for something a little larger. That's why the delay. Waiting till I can sell my car to my nephew and pickup a Fusion Ti.
My screen name is from Focus Fanatics. I originally bought and modded the car for commuting. I work closer to home now so that's another reason for the upgrade.



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Welcome!  Are you looking to upgrade to the Fusion Sport?

No. I am aiming at the 2.0L Ti model. My goal is to have a spirited everyday car to commute 30 min each way in and provide for a comfortable long driver. Now, having said that, I will be modding and have already started to build my knowledge base. Target mods include Livernois Tune, Boomba lower engine/trans mount, and last night I discovered the MRT axle back exhaust. I love how they eliminated drone. After that maybe some Eibach springs and the Steeda strut tower brace.

Something I would like to hear from you all is regarding the coking up of the valves with these DI engines. My 2.0 N/A Focus hasn't had the symptomatic problems I have heard about with some boosted and N/A DI engines but I use the CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner regularly. I have seen some concern regard the use of CRC Cleaner and the turbo but CRC says it won't harm them. Thoughts? A catch can is on my list as well.

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If you use any intake cleaner, use it regularly, so the buildup doesn't get a chance to grow enough to chunk off.  At least once a year if not twice.  As always, checking the turbo intake piping and the intercooler on any GTDI engine is an invaluable barometer to see how the PCV system is performing.  If you see buildup/pooling, then a catch can may be helpful, but you have to maintain that regularly as well (emptying).  Use top tier gas, and low volatility full synthetic oil, and you should reduce the PCV issues even further, while prolonging the life of the engine and turbos.

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