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well have a tuned r/t as my daily driver running around 395 or so hp & know my 4+ tuned sho running probably around 415hp is faster, maybe by around .5 sec maybe more. much better low end torque with the dp & catbacks.The srt is a different animal,  as am replacing my r/t with a scat pack 392. It'll have 485hp from the factory & will be running the a8, an amazing quick shifting tranny & can handle the hp easily, sames as used in the hellcat unlike our a6 which pretty tops out around 500-525 unless you want trouble,just like the sho's tuned a6 shifts very quickly. If the srt was a manual would think you'd have a chance, if not going to need meth or run corn or something else done to raise hp on your lincoln. weights are similar & with their drag pack pages, aligns the release point so not to spin wheels much, so kind of eliminates the advantage of the lincoln's awd. the new lincoln's running the 3.0 with a heavier car i'd think wouldn't have a chance without a lot of work.

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I have a 2011 MKS Ecoboost with a Livernois Stage 4+ that runs on 91 octane. I've been running this for 3 years all year round now and have yet to be beat by an SRT8


Ask Livernois for the Stage 4+X 93 race tune!  It's even stronger than the stage 4+ 91 tune and I love the grade assist feature it adds (when in manual mode, it shifts and holds the gears as if it's sport mode.  Touch the paddles and you're back to full manual mode).


Also, do you have a 3-bar sensor? 

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