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'13 stereo build

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Hello kids.  Question for you.  If I use an LOC, where would be the best place to tap in for full range signal?  I've heard the rear door speakers are full range.  Do you do this before or after the factory amp?  I think I'm going to get an Audiocontrol LC-4.800 for the main channels and anther separate amp for the aftermarket subs that I plan on installing.  Any tips, suggestions you guys have, I welcome it.  Thanks in advance.

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I am under going a big audio build myself currently, but I'll be the 1st to admit, audio has never been my forte.


Thus why I have a local vendor doing all my custom work.


Hopefully some of our members will chime in, and be able to answer your question for you.


If not, during my next status checkup, I can ask my installers perhaps if that may be of any assistance?


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My 2013 with the Sony system should be going in this weekend for an audio upgrade. I am tapping after the factory amp going into a DSP. I have heard the fronts are high passed and the rears are full range. I have also heard the stock sub channels clip early and should be avoided. My installer will verify with an RTA beforehand so I can report back by next weekend what he tapped. I am looking for just clean full range signal, I am not keeping the center channels, actually just going 2 way up front and subs.

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