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Williamsport List racing and Launch Pic


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Going to try to limit my racing this year to once a month.  Going to run with the local car group in there list race and go to more car shows.  Here is the rules we came up with.

Williamsport Circuit Top 10 SHOOT OUT.
Guide Lines & Race Schedule.
“TOP 10” Classes & Guidelines:
Normally Aspirated (N/A) Carb or fuel Injected only. No power adders, blowers, turbos, prochargers and nitrous are prohibited.
Power Adders (P/A) Blowers, Turbos, Prochargers & Nitrous permitted.
Current Inspection, Registration, Insurance and Tags on all vehicles.
Classics and Antiques are permitted in both classes but must fall within the same rules and guidelines as the state inspected & registered vehicles.
All vehicles must pass the IHRA/NHRA tech inspection/certification and meet all safety requirements before each race. If your vehicle does not pass the track safety tech inspection per track rules you will not be permitted to race that day. You will loose any gained spots if your car does not pass tech after any call out.
DOT approved tires, no slicks, through the mufflers or turbo,cutouts prohibited, if your vehicle has cutouts installed your exhaust gases must exit through the mufflers or turbo.
OEM front windshield, working headlights, taillights, horn & turn signals.
Stock steel floor, firewall in stock location, stock style steering column, two front seats required, rear seat is optional & additional gutting is permitted.
2x3 square chassis and rack & pinion permitted. Round Tube Chassis cars prohibited.
Unlimited engine modifications, back halved, steering, suspension upgrades, wheelie bars, replacement tin work on interiors, aftermarket fiberglass hood scoops, hood, fenders all permitted.
Must run on pump gas, race fuel, av gas, methanol spray/injection or E-85. Alcohol , Nitro Methane prohibited.
Two step, trans brake and line lock permitted.
1/4 mile, heads up,
Vehicles can be towed to the track but must be self- starting driven to the lanes and back to the pits.
4 race cap for every driver per race.
Minimum of 1 call out for each spot holder at every race.
A max of 30 minutes between each call out and a minimum of 30 min cool down.
No immediate call outs if you lose. Should you lose your race you cannot call the person back out until you win your next race by defending your spot from the person behind you. You must race and win by defending your spot then you can call the person back out who beat you previously.
No spot jumping without a runoff (except for no shows in front of you)
No shows lose 2 spots per race and must race and earn your way back to your previous spot.
No spot blocking.
Each win will earn 5 points for the driver whether it’s a call out or defending your spot.
Initial positioning will be determined by each driver drawing a number, the number they pick will be their initial starting spot on the list. Should there be more than 10 numbers to be picked all numbers from 11 on will be paired up in a bracket to race off. The winner of the bracket earns the right to call out the number 10 spot.
All cars must make an apperance once a month on a Saturday evening between 830 and 11 and complete 1 lap around the Williamsport circuit to show support.
2017 Top 10 Race Schedule Beaver Springs Dragway
Saturday May 6th
Saturday June 3rd
Saturday June 24th
Saturday July 15th
Saturday July 29th
Saturday August 26th
Sunday September 10th

Here is my car launching last Friday night.  Look at the gap over the front tire, yeah needs help in the front.



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like the idea. wish they'd do something like that over here but too big of track & no small tracks close. only issue i see will be tough for sho with small turbos going up against prochargers or nitrous. but the advantage is no drag slicks. that will help your sho a lot. getting a good launch with the extra power will be not easy & if they have a manual even more help to your sho. with those new auto trannys like a tuned a6 in sho or the a8 in the chally a manual just can't in my mind beat. my friends m6 is no match for my a8, as much as a manual is part of drag racing, new autos are just to good.

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