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2017 SHO with PP Verses 2017 Lincoln MKZ 400hp 3.0L

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When stock, the MKZ is a bit quicker based on road tests from various magazines.  I ran my 400 HP Continental at the track when stock and it ran 13.56.   A lighter MKZ should be a bit quicker.  I don't think many stock SHOs are that quick.


As for tuning, the SHO has a big advantage in that the engine is well known by tuners and there have been many SHOs on the dyno for tweaking.  The 3.0 in the Lincolns is a newer design and since Lincolns are not exactly high volume sellers, tuners are not very interested.


Livernois has a tune for the 3.0 MKZ but I have not seen track results that were very impressive.  The potential is probably there but no one has really put the effort in to it like they have with the 3.5 ecoboost.  

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