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A/C smell on startup, evap not draining?

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Hey all!


So the past few weeks have been humid and hot here in Pennsylvania.  Recently I have been turning my car on in the afternoon after work and I get a STANKY 10 seconds of hot, moist air coming out of the vents.  I started doing some research and the hot air is one thing, the car has been baking in the sun DUH.  But that moldy/moist smell is likely coming from mildew in the ducting.


I started to think that maybe this is due to the drain for the A/C system being fully or partially blocked and that moisture has no where to go.  Thus creating a moist environment where the mold and mildew can grow.


Does anyone know where the drain for the A/C system is? Maybe someone has seen it while in the engine bay or under the car?  I think this is step one before I look into any sprays or foams to put into the system to kill the microbes.

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