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Help Locating 5mm - 10mm rear spacer kit with a hubcentric 63.4 CB?

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Has anyone been able to locate a 5mm to 10mm rear spacer kit here in the U.S. with a hubcentric 63.4 center bore?




I found a couple companies that will make them, but they are too expensive for my tastes.




I lowered with the H&R’s recently and love the look!




Its just that the rear end appears much more concaved that the front and I’d like to even things out a little w/o creating a safety issues, thus the smaller spacer.




I’ve seen up to 7/16” with several turns left on the lug nuts for safety.


If someone could chime in with assistance that would be great!






p.s. I did use the search function but really didn’t see much.



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Have you tried trolling around here and seeing if anything fits?




You will likely have to get creative, and/or place an actual phone call to them, as I've found over the years that products listed for other cars, will cross-fit over to the SHO platform.


My contact there, who used to work in the R&D Division, has since retired, and no longer works there. So I wouldn't know who to speak with anymore myself.


Good luck though, and hope it's of some help to 'ya!  :blink: 

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