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Ford performance exhaust

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Thanks for the info. It was similarly priced to the other systems I was seeing but want sure how much louder than stock it would be. I hate how quite this thing is. I've had the car for a little over a week now and that is my only complaint. I'm going to delete the mufflers for now because I'm more concerned about getting the livernois tuning kit in then ill buy a turbo back exhaust. 

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I really like how quiet the car is with the stock exhaust, and none of the aftermarket exhausts show any improvement in performance. The new downpipes are the real secret to increased performance with these cars. That said, I said I will replace the stock exhaust with a Borla when new exhaust is needed. Since Shelby picked Borla for his Shelby Mustangs, I figure if it is good enough and picked by Shelby, then it is good enough for me. 

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i have the borla cback on my sho. to me i like better than corsa, a deeper sound. but still on the inside you aren't going to hear it. it looks great & since ss will last. but don't care what you do tough to make a 6 sound like an 8. just go to the drag stripe & even straight you can tell a 6 from & 8  a mile away. & they are pricey. no fancy uptodate phone to record it. was some on youtube when i bought mine way back in '12.

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