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X4 vs livewire vs LMS


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2 hours ago, Stoney said:

Decided it's time to tune my 2014. Can't decide which is the best route. It's a daily driver and only other upgrade is an OEM cold air intake.

Do you want an excellent plug and play tune that you can enjoy immediately without being involved in the tuning process?    Or would you prefer to start out with a mild base tune, log the results, send the results to a tuner, receive a tweaked tune, and continue with the logging, sending results, getting tweaks until the tune is optimized?    If you decide to go with the logging/tweaking process, do you want to learn what your car is doing, what tweaks the tuner is making  and actually have a dialog with the tuner or do you just want to trust what they are doing and have no interaction with the person actually doing the tweaking?

The end results are about the same whichever way you go.   How you get there is the huge variable.

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