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Loss of acceleration

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Hello All,

Up until about two months ago my old girl was running great.  She has 70k on the ODO, no mods, serviced regularly and has been a fun car until now.  The problem happens when she is at operating temperature.  Under medium to full throttle she acts like she is fighting a drag chute.  Engine tries to rev and she tries to accelerate, but it happens slowly.  Like something is holding her back.  I have no DTC's or check engine light.   The problem occurred about 30 miles into a full tank of gas.  I have since tried several tanks of premium fuel to no avail.  I have tried fuel injector/system cleaner to no avail. 

The thing is, when she is cold she runs normal.  Accelerates like a bullet.  BUT, once at full operating temp the problem crops up.  So that makes me think it is not a mechanical problem like a turbo-catalytic converter-torque converter-transmission or PTU.  Do these things still do the old school open loop/closed loop oxygen sensor thing?  If so could this be a pending O2 sensor failing?  I only have a basic code reader so I do not have any further diagnostic data.  


Thanks, B.  

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