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Neutral saftey switch

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My car won't start 91 s h o it says 24 valve Manuel and I'm thinking it is the neutral safety switch but I can't find it!!! is it on the transmission under the pedal where?? I can start it by popping the clutch but it just clicks a noise

in inthe area of the glove compartment when I turn the key I have my foot all the way in the clutch and my foot on the brake and it still won't start.. not in any gears

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Welcome!  Since you have a 1991 SHO, you may not get much response here.  This is the EcoBoost forum for SHOs from 2010 and newer.  

With that said, many of us have had older SHOs as well, and are car enthusiasts in general.  Since your '91 is a manual transmission, it will not have a neutral safety switch.  Those are only on the Automatic version.  Instead, you will have a Clutch Pedal Position switch that closes the circuit when the clutch is fully depressed.  

Please clarify your comment "I can start it by popping the clutch but it just clicks a noise."  Are you saying the car will start and run if you pop the clutch, but if you try to start it using the starter motor it only clicks?  If so, have you checked to make sure the battery cables are clean and tightly connected to the battery?  Is the battery holding a good charge?  If you turn on your headlights and try to start the car, do the headlights dim when you turn the key to the Start position?  

Finally, do you have a multimeter or test light along with a second person that can help with some diagnostics, such as turning the ignition key while you check for voltage in a few places?


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