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2013 Explorer sport died, towed home, no start

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Hi, I am stumped. We bought this car (3.5 EB) with 2 bad turbos, the shaft on  the left one was broken in half and blowing a ton of oil, the bearing on the right one was loose and causing an oil leak too. We replaced the turbos, washed out the cats and put it through it's paces, it drove normally up to about 60 mph and then a serious misfire came on. So I ordered a set of spark plugs. Before they arrived the car died. I installed the new plugs and the car fired right up, idled nicely and drove about 20 feet before it quit again. I have replaced the fuel pump and its control module, I did these because I am having problems with OBDLink it is giving me grief and made me believe it was a fuel rail pressure issue. It has  spark , when cranking the tach registers about 350rpm. I cleaned as much oil out of the intake as I could and cleaned all sensors. When I crank it it runs for a few seconds and then dies as if it is getting little or no fuel. The new spark plugs come out sooty but there is no black smoke, there is spark. Help please I am at my wits' end and all helpful ideas cheerfully accepted . Thank you.

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