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So I'm going the route that a few of us here have gone in deleting the cat and replacing it with an X pipe and then using 2.5" pipping all the way with no mufflers. I went to an exhaust shop to get a quote and they looked at me crazy saying "deleting the cat is illegal and such and such and they won't do it cause they will get fined an such."


So what gives? Am I just a noob that has the wrong info?

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Hahaha..... nope, you're not a noob with the wrong info.


Just perhaps a noob when it comes to going to the "right places" to get the job done that you're seeking.


I believe there are options out there for you. Do a lil research and you'll find some success, i'm sure of it.


I'd send 'ya to where I got my set up, but I've been waiting 7months to get my catless pipes done (and there still not finished yet) and my custom exhaust took about nearly as long to get finished.


So needless to say, I am not a happy referer of that person's business, well at least not at the moment. :tape2:

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Update and more questions for you guys.


I have found another shop that will do what I want. He stated he could put the tubing onto one of those fancy nesho x pipes that I keep hearing about for around 400-500 including labor and parts.


The only kicker is nobody around where I am can do mandrel bending. Does having it mandrel bent really matter? The man stated that since the exhaust gases go to the outside of the turn in the tubing having it bent the regular way would only make a 1-3% difference in performance.


Thanks guys

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