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OBD Signal & Mycal advise


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I got my new Mycal to flash the new tune just fine but all of the additional untapped capabilities of this device are making me want to learn some more and maybe tinker and play with this neat toy. I have the owners manual printed and they seem to offer a lot of help but...my basic lack of knowlege is a stumbling block. For instance I don't know know which OBD signals would be good for me to assign to a guage or to log and they don't even get into that in the owners manual. I think the first guage I would want to set up is a "boost" and I know which two signals I'll need for that. Manifold pressure, less, atmospheric pressure. I think it would be neat to run the 0 to 60 MPH and the 1/4 and 1/8 th mile programs but I think they might be already to run as delivered. Beyond that I start to run blank. I think the Mycal can moniter 15 signals. Any suggestions from the experienced loggers out there??

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I use an old MSD Dashhawk to monitor things... The PID names may not be the same between the Dashhawk and the MyCal... BUT here's what I keep an eye on:


OEM Wideband #1 AFR (I suppose I really should watch #2 also) - this is the Air Fuel Ration from the stock widebands and very useful!

Boost PSI ( not sure if the Dashhawk calculates this or if the actually boost PSI comes from the ECU.. ??)

Spark Advance - Tells you how muching timing you are running.


Those are the 3 that come to my mind... with the AFR the one I really keep my eye on... I'm sure others will chime in!

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