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Yes' date=' defininately interested in what you will do. Sounds good. Can you just trace and scan the emblem?[/quote']


I can convert an image into a file I can read in my Cad/Cam software. Make a program and run it in the CNC mill. It will be 3D not flat. Identical to the Blue oval in shape but have the SHO engraved a few thou deep into the alum. Paint could fill in the letters? The alum could be Anodized different colors and so on. Or just polished up bright and sprayed with clear.




My experience with car manufacturers has been that they rarely use off the shelf fonts' date=' I will look on the advertising elements page for ABC (the agency, not the network) and see if I can find the font.[/quote']


Yes Thanks that will help. PM me with it. The last ditch effort will be to do the scan of the shape of the letters. Then I can scale from there. If there is a font on my computer, I would rather do that. Especially when having different letters instead of the "SHO".


Anyways I thought this would be interesting. Once the shape and fit is all good to go I could then put just about anything on the badge from there. Someones initials? whatever. Lots to do. Once done, repeat is easy.

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