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I've got a 2011 and it has Sync with the NAV unit. I recently updated Sync to version 3.2.2 according to the syncmyride website. In reading the description of how the system is supposed to work after the update it sounds like everything past version 3.2 is supposed to have a "flattened phone grammar" - meaning you can just say "Call John Smith on Mobile" right after pressing the button on the steering wheel instead of saying "Phone" and then saying "Call....". Problem is mine doesn't do that...


Is anyone with a 2011 able to just say "Call" right from the main menu? Not a huge deal and I can live with it either way but it makes me think something is up with it.



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There is actually a newer version 3.2.5....


It might address the issue, I don't know. However, you must go to Syncmyride.com and check for updates. If available, and it should be, you have to print out a sheet to take into the dealership to have this done. You can't do it via the USB drive alone because it must be downloaded and updated through the PTS (Professional Technicians Service). They also put the update into the SJB (Smart Junction Box) through the OBDII port which everything for Sync seems to go through.


Good luck!




BTW - It's so new that the dealership was not even aware of it when I went in about three weeks ago and they had to look it up.

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