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Front fender side running lights

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Sorry I don't know what to call the tubular lights low in the front fender but my question is has anyone removed them for any reason. I want to black out the stock silver grey color, same as I did to the razor bars on the grill and it would be so much easier to black them out if I took them off. I was timid about getting muscular for fear of breaking some plastic tabs or clips in the learning process.

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Those are considered a part of the parking lights and are LED strips encased in clear plastic.


They do have "surrounds" that simply pop out, without having to remove the entire front bumper clip.


When I removed mine, I did, (just to make it easier) remove the front, smaller under belly pan that spans between the front frame rail, and the underside of the stock lower front spoiler piece.


Those LED surrounds are/were simply held into place by tabs found all along the outer edges.


I had mine painted to match the OEM white, tri-coat metallic.


Here are some images for you to help aid in you in visualizing what I am talking about.........



















Hope that's of some help to you...... any other questions, feel free to let me know :yo:



Mike :wave:

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That's exactly what I was hoping for.


Looks like if I'm careful I can just pop those babies off and do my thing.


I always worry a bit trying to pop off plastic when I don't know for sure what I'm doing. Thanks guy!



My suggestion would be is to use a heat gun on it's lowest setting, and/or a simple household hair dryer, to aid in warming up the plastic.


Warm plastic is much more forgiving when it's being bent, etc. etc. rather than cold plastic which tends to be brittle and what not.


Glad the images were of some help.


Please be sure to post up pics of your project when your completed with them.

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Will do. I'm using Dupli-Color Trim paint. I did not hear of any others doing the razor bars till after I'd learned my lessons. Second try was the charm and they came out as I hoped. Then I started reading about plasti-dip.

My car is Steel Blue Metallic and you have me wondering if I should do matching blue or the contrasting trim black. My original idea was black so I'll probably stick with that....yours sure look nice though!



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Mike I am constantly amazed with the level of technical detail you know on this car. :hail:


Thank you sir.


Not to bad for a mere weekend gear head huh?


I've learned so much from others when I began modding other cars I've owned over the years.


If it weren't for them having explained the necessary steps involved in performing w/e mods it was that I also desired to do, well, then I'd be more broke than I already am as I would be paying others to do them for me.....


Part of the reason why I've insisted on creating the various "How-To's" that I have since those beginning times.


Whether it relates to this most current project (my SHO) or any others i've owned before the SHO.


Thank you for your kudos. I'd like to think we're all part of a large, extended family, and all help each other out where we can.


In w/e capacity that entails.

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