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Fishrising checking in!


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Welcome to your newly created / discovered EB/SHO home!


It certainly is exciting to see some familiar faces and equally exciting knowing that new "family" members will be arriving soon as well!


Don't forget to post up some pics Ben and enjoy being around here! Glad to have you :RpS_thumbup:

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Things are moving quickly here... much like Charlie's GRRRR8 site at the beginning....


While I seemed accepted on the SHO Forum.... probably because I didn't have a SHO, but had 4 of the early ones, I realize lots of the Gen 4 SHO owners felt they weren't welcome... like the new SHO - EB & all just isn't a real SHO... AWD and NO Yamaha engine.


Flex Net serves its purpose, but those of us who are performance minded simply confuse the majority of Flex owners....


Taurus Forum is just too busy, and EB visitors/ poster get lost in the shuffle.



THAT'S WHY WE ARE FINALLY HOME!!!!!! Give us a few months and we will really be Rockin...



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