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I want to hear my turbo's

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So I want to find out how to make it so I can hear those turbo's. I love the sound of a turbo spooling up and I think the sho is too quiet. I know it's a luxury sedan but still. I grew up building imports and I know some people don't like the sound of the blowoff valve opening as they think it's too ricey...lol. Still I want to hear what I paid for. Can we change how our bov is routed or make it so I can hear the spooling of the turbo?

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Can we change how our BOV is routed,


Or, make it so I can hear the spooling of the turbo?





You can always adopt this mod as not only your pet project, but also as a means to post w/e info you learn, to benefit the community as well.


Plenty of us have led the charge and blazed trails on other mods, myself included.


So, guess what there RFS....... welcome in your new baby!


Hahahaha... we look fwrd to w/e you can find out for us, as I'm sure your not the only one who's interested in hearing those turbo's spooling and what not. :yo:



In the interim (and in order to properly motivate you in starting your research on this) I do recall two other late model, Gen4 SHO owners having approached something like this before, and this is what the results were on one of those installs:



An example of an HKS SSQV Black Edition BOV install...











This owner's "How-To" on it (I haven't seen him post up elsewhere in quite a long time, almost 1 year ago actually, but here's what he had to say at that time:



Parts to buy to install the BOV


1) I went to O'Reilly Auto parts where I bought a radiator hose with a part number of (21947 C1947 from MasterPro). I don’t know what cat this goes to but one end of the hose ID is 1 3/8 and the other end is 1 1/4..... and about the radiator hose make sure one end is 1 3/8 and other 1 1/4. Because the first hose I bough was just 1 1/4 and one end did not fit on to the car.


2) Need 1 hose clamps at 3/4 to 1 3/4 and another one from 1 3/4 to 2 3/4 and 2 more at a smaller size for the 3/8 hose.



3) 2 different size hoses at a foot long, one is a 3/16 and the other is 3/8 size Inner Diameter.


4) A plastic Tee where two ends are 3/8 and the one end is 3/16 for the hoses


5) And some zip ties.



The parts that come with the BOV



1 C-clamp

1 O-ring

2 different size plastic tees (which I did not use)

1 Vacuum filter

3 supper small zip ties (which I did not use)

And 1 silver flange shown in the photos.


The Manual will sho you how to place the BOV on the Flange with the O-ring and C-clamp with a tool I did not have.


And the Manual will shoe which way to place the vacuum filter on the 3/16 hose



Directions to install the BOV


1) First I had to take the BOV to a mechanic to place the C-clamp holding the silver flange to the BOV


2) Take the “Engine Air Duct” off by pulling the metal clip up. This can be done with your bare hands.


3) When placing the radiator hose you will be only using about 1/4 of the whole hose. You will place the end that is 1 3/8 ID and size up where you would like the blow off valve to be setting at. Cut long to make sure you get the right length and if not you can cut more.



4) When the radiator hose is the right length place the BOV setting where you would like the other people to see it when you open the hood. Place the two clamps on the two ends. Be careful the plastic part coming off the air hose, the plastic part with the “Engine Air Duct” was on was not made for a hose to be clamped on. You really have to push up the hose on and slowly tighten the clamp.


5) You will connect the 3/16 hose to the BOV cutting to place the vacuum filter and the other 3/16 to continue to the plastic tee. Here you will use the zip ties to hold the 3/16 hose.


6) In my photos you will see to take off the 3/8 factory hose from the intake manifold place the factory hose to one end and cut off a small length of the bought 3/8 hose to connect the tee to the intake manifold and clamp on with the two smaller clamps.


7) And there you go it is done.


The positive about this you can go back to factory settings when needing to have engine work done, not giving a reason for Ford to void the warranty.




Finally, a couple of video's to wet your appetite:



Drive By...








Multiple Releases at varying boost...










Again, this is just preliminary research...... I'm sure you can come up with more options, and/or a more "refined" How-To if/when you choose to do an install of your own.


Please keep the community posted, now go get F'n crack'n :moony:

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Hmm.. Interesting, I'll have to see what I can find out I know our air intake system is designed to make it all nice quiet. Anyone have the diagram from ford on all the routings? We seem to be able to find every other diagram..lol. I know the short ram filters are a big part as to why you can hear them on a lot of imports.

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Wow...so I bet the inlet pipeing plays a big role in hearing them. If you somehow went with a smooth pipe I bet you'd hear them more. Granted metal pipe looks really nice you get way more thermal soak in the inlet air charge. I would not want to try to reengineere the pressure side of the system...lol. My god... I like the "noise generator" I bet a nice loud bov would mak a bit more "noise"... Lol

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And if you remove the Foam Bonnet on the DI pump, you can hear that "ticking" too! :yo::RpS_love::RpS_love:


Or if you are like me... I had my wife rev my Brick up and down, while I filmed it with the hood open. Zoom "CHIRP" zoom "CHIRP" zoom "CHIRP" zoom "CHIRP" etc. I minute video, I now play during every stupid network Commercial!!!!!:clap2::clap2::RpS_thumbup::hail::RpS_thumbsup::RpS_thumbsup::cheer2::cheer2::tea::tea::flypig:

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Well after seeing what mike did with his hood I'm pondering the hood vents...lol I am thinking an aftermarket BOV would sound really nice. I'm looking to see who makes both a good looking and good performing one. As much as this car costs I'm not putting junk on my car.

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