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Show us your aftermarket wheels!

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No a lot of guys have gone aftermarket. It's hard to beat the styling of the 20" SHO wheels. I am really debating changing mine to stand out a little more but I cant really decide on a wheel. I really like these but its still a tough choice.











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My 18" TSW Interlagos with Michelin Pilot Super Sports Total weight 43 lbs each... That is a total 80 lb weight savings compared to stock.




My 18" ASA Ar-2 V2 wheels with Continental Extreme DW's Total weight 48 lbs each... but I have worn off at least 3 lbs of rubber. They have about 28,000 mi on them... so far.




09' G8 GT with Staggered Breyton Race CS 19"s




08' G8 GT with Staggered TSW Beyern Multi 19"s




09' G8 GT with Staggered Shuk WR-1 17" wheels that are usually on my 04' GTO. They were really fun to drift with!



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20" TSW Nurburgrings in Matte Gunmetal:







BPD Mike is drooling!!!!!!



Oh yea baby...... Don't you know it EBB :RpS_drool:



Except mine will look just slightly better because they'll be on my (Tri-Coat Metallic White) car and will be more condusive to my overall "theme".....


Not too mention they'll be wider too with 8.5's up front and 10's in the rear.... oh yea :whoo:

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