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I was just reading a review in Edmonds of the 2013 Ford SHO. They panned Ford for not doing anything about the 4368 lbs. of " pavement crushing weight". On the other hand they routinely praise the Infinity G 37 and I think that it is within a couple hundred lbs. of our SHO's. I don't even think the G 37 is classified as full size either. My wife's Juke weighs 3400 lbs. and that thing is really small. Seems to me the reviewers all too often have gotten into a comfortable groove of Ford bashing. I'd love for the SHO to get a fair and even evaluaton in the press but I wonder why do many writers seem to have a big time bias.



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Listen, I don't even think that those comments carry any weight, considering that the SHO is not Ford's only muscle. With cars like the GT-500, GT-350, Boss 302, and the Mustang GT in their stable along the SHO, I think Ford doesn't have to take grief from any writer because the SHO isn't pure muscle but a true American style full-size performance sedan.

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