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Black Hennessey SHO in Saint Louis

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When I got out of the movies tonight at Chesterfield Mall I saw parked next to me a Black Hennessey SHO. All badged out with the custom headrests and all. Looked pretty nice. Sitting on Permachromes as well and had the new 2013 fender badges installed as well. Any one know this car? Then one car over was another SHO in grey. It was like a mini convention, too bad the other owners weren't around I would have loved to talk shop:)

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You should've wrote the EBOF website on a piece of paper and stuck it in under both of their windshield wipers....


Would've been cool to get a few more newbie's on board & i'm sure they would;ve enjoyed all the info & camaraderie here.....


Oh well, maybe next time :noidea:


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