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4th parade photos, Taurus police car.


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OK so I went to a 4th of July parade and it didnt occur to me to take pics until I saw the Taurus Police Interceptor. Didnt miss anything super exciting, there was a beautiful 1st gen lightning and a nice SN95 vert.


Here is what I did get, McLean County Sheriff (Central IL) in Taurus Interceptor, nice Fairlane, mid 60s Mustang, and a driveable radio flyer.









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I've seen that Radio Flyer creation on other forums before' date=' from members that were on the Hot Rod Power Tour.[/quote']


It is neat, tried to see the interior. Looks like a GM maybe Beretta or something along those lines, any idea? Actually had a buddy at work point it out in his power tour photos.

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That would be a 65 Fairlane and either a 64 1/2 or 65 Mustang' date=' although technically they were all 65's.[/quote']


I didnt/dont know for sure on the Mustang so I didnt want to say. I would have actually guessed 65 or 66 because I didnt see the headlight bezel/ hood corners that the 64 1/2 had. I would say 65 for sure but there isnt any chrome running the length of the grill on either side of the pony... That is the easiest way to tell the difference from the exterior.


I can spot Fairlanes but dont know squat about identifying them by year :)

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