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I have 2 Livernois vehicule in the driveway!


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Edit title : vehicules.


When I got back from Detroit, I went to pick up the Flex I had bought before vacations for my wife. It used to be all black and I had the roof painted in silver. I was hesitating with having it done with 3M wrap, but it was difficult to find the silver and it would have been white. I was also quoted 350$ for the wrap and I negociated the roof painted for 500$. For the difference, I get the color I wanted and it should look better over the years. And finally, since I don't have the ecoboost in the Flex, at least I gave it the sporty look with the famous Livernois windshield decal!


Here are some pics of my SHO's new brother :









I love the new Flex, even with the 2 turbos missing... lol!

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