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What do you guys think of this as a 3rd cat replacement?

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Magnaflow 10791 is a basic straight X pipe. Anybody used it or anything like it? You guys think it will work? Local guy that does custom exhaust recommended it, although he has only seen photos of the NESHO X pipe and stock SHO exhaust.


He wants me to just buy something that looks close and drop it off one day. Great plan I just dont want to buy something and it cost me a fortune for him to get in or worse not work.

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will definitely work' date=' but there must cheaper x pipes can be had on ebay.[/quote']


Maybe but not that one. Cheapest of that part # is $72. I did notice Amazon has a "used" for $53 sold by Amazon that says its like new. Must have been a return.... Should be OK for me as I am having a guy fab it up anyway.

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My custom setup is X pipe instead of third cat 2.5'' stainless steel tubing until Dynamax mufflers and 4.5'' chromed tips, installed, tax in for 800$... It was half price of the cheapest known exhaust out there, no brainer for me and results are impressive: slight gain in power and sounds like a beast!

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