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Air Conditioning on vs off at the track


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Hey guys!


the other day, I went to the track and I tried to do two runs with the AC on, which I never do because of the juice it takes... Surprise! My two runs were about the same as when turned off! I talked with three guys that were on the sidelines that all work at a Ford dealer not too far from my place and they told me that there is apparently an auto-shutoff of AC when the car is under WOT. Good to know! I tried it on highway many times after and it's true... accelerations are as fast. The only thing I noticed is my 60ft were slower by about .05 seconds at 1.91-1.92 instead of 1.85-1.88 when turned off... But the ET for the 1/4 mile had the same difference, slower by .05 after 1/4 mile... So basically, no need to remove AC when driving in the street or highway and want to race someone like I used to do...


I thought I'd share that with you guys...


Have a good one!


As for drag racing this weekend, I wish I could because it is going to be cooler up here as well, but rainy : (



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That is true... Anyways at the track, I will always remove it, but I was always under the impression that I needed to turn it off in the streets/highways if I wanted to have 100% power, so the runs at the track and the confirmation from the three mechanics convinced me that I could keep it on and not have to worry if AC was eating some of the power...

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