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If you happen to have an Android phone you can download a free application called "Torque Lite" or "Torque Free". Then get yourself a Bluetooth OBD-II adapter. An inexpensive one can be purchased from several online sites for around $20. I have one of the cheap mini adapters and the sample rate is somewhere between my OTC Genisys and Autel DS708 dedicated scan tools. For the investment I've very impressed. I even upgraded to the Torque full application for like $4.68 and it is quite impressive.


If you don't have an Android phone, but your laptop has Bluetooth, the adapter would likely still work for you. A simple Google search should yield several free software packages. I don't have any experience with the PC tools.



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I'm also using torque pro on my galaxy s3 and my motorola xoom. You can set it to log multiple sensor as soon as the app is opened and the engine is running. You can also set the logging intervals from .1 sec up to every 5 sec. I've ordered my obdii bluetooth dongle from amazon for 30$ and the app for 4.72. Afterward all you need is excel to open the csv file and a bit of know how to generate a graph.

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