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Personal best but still to slow.


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Went to a street car even at which I really thought I had a good shot at the fastest 4 door trophy. A 500HP AWD BMW ran solid 12.7-12.8 to beat me out. I was 2nd the fastest 4 door with my 13.11.


Been thinking... I may cut the side of the Airaid box out to get some air in there. Dont know if it will help but it cant hurt. Also been asking Rick and Torrie questions. Decided to order the LMS kit & 3 bar map. Looking at Labor Day weekend for install. Hopefully will have it all working for the midwest mini meet AND for a date with this BMW at a fall grudge match day.


Other interesting winners. Overall was a turbo vette 8.8 I believe, AWD was a VR4 11.48, a guy from work brought an Eclipse and ran a 12.1.


This was 100% street cars. Everybody had to meet and drive to the track (about 100 miles) including the 8 second vette. 3 single digit cars made the drive!



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I tried to shallow stage. I think changing to the Eibachs really helped my launch and 60'. I was launching harder than many of the faster cars, and had a few comments from faster guys about me beating them off the line.


That said she is running out on the top end.


FYI Crash in car said anywhere from 78-84' out. I had hoped it would be a cool day and while not super hot cooler air would have helped.

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Very respectable time' date=' I assume it was warm out. I have mentioned before in other threads about staging, for lower ETs stage lightly just barely creep in to turn on 2nd yellow. And for faster RTs stage deep. Both these methods do work.[/quote']


Here's a video from yesterday showing just how much of a "running start" you can get by shallow staging... Not great but gives you kind of the idea...




And Paul, very nice job! Congrats on the PB! I'm sure we'll be seeing more of those from you!,,

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