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Acura TL owners that think they can out perform a SHO?. I have had 3 different TL's try and take my on the on-ramp to the interstate in the last 5 days (goes from 2 lanes to 1 then interstate). Every time I easily out pace them (my lane DOES have the right of way). When they do get on behind me they try and shoot past and cut me off (fail here as well). I know its not the same car as they have all been different colors, it just makes me smile as I pace next to them for a few seconds, catch their eye (can hear they are at WOT) and then slap the go-pedal and whooosh....me likey.


Any others have run-ins like this (not just TL's)?


Inquiring minds want to know.



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No idea' date=' but my car is a magnet for Prius' (no joke) to try to take me off the line when they are in the wrong lane and want to get in front of me. I usually just let them..... What's the point of schooling a Prius?[/quote']


Reminds me of the movie Horrible Bosses! Why were you speeding? I was drag racing. In a prius?

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