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Advance Trac / ESC Experiment

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I had recently questioned how the various modes of Advance Trac work on PP equipped SHO's and given no definitive responses I decided to conduct an experiment: I have some Interstate access cloverleaf’s nearby that facilitate rapid entry/exit so I could try driving them at increasing speeds. What I found was much like accelerating on an icy surface: engine power was diminished as the system 'detected' I was approaching the traction limit. In my case, this was at about 57 MPH on this given on ramp: I entered at a higher than normal (but not excessive) speed and continued to accelerate.


On my second try I managed to find this point and it seemed that adding any additional throttle went 'unnoticed'. On my third try, I put it to the floor once I felt the power scale back - and nothing - I just seemed to maintain the speed. Interestingly, I didn't seem to notice any inboard braking. (Perhaps this comes only in 'sport' mode.)


So the next time about I will give it a try in 'Sport' mode and see what happens. I do need to be careful as if I lose it (it seems the car has a tendency to 'push') I'll end up over the edge of a not so insignificant embankment. (I really need to find an Autocross near me.)

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Of course my F1's were greasing out at BIR about the time I got the balls to switch to the Sport mode and push it....LOL


Though I think BPD was enjoying himself....


No two thoughts about it Scott.....


Your ability to push your '13 SHO to the extremes on the road course portion(s) of the track @ BIR were downright EXHILIRATING!


As I so childishly exclaimed to you afterwards, that I felt like I was back in the old days when you know, guys in my profession could actually pursue the perps (& we'd catch 'em).


I couldn't help but think to myself during each lap, "get 'em" as you closed the gap on each unsuspecting victim that lie ahead of you (but not for long mind you).


You're an excellent pilot there Scott, and being a bystanding psgr in your '13 beast was one of THE highlight's of my time at the 21st Nat'l SHO Convention.


Props bro :hail:


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