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Ford Flex from the Sidelines!


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Went to the track today and I dragged the Mrs. along to try and get some video of the Flex going down the track. Not bad for her first time trying to video at the track! ;) So now I know what the Flex looks like going down the 1320'!




Best run of the day was a 13.013 @ 106 against that convertible Mustang. He ran a 12.48... He came over after we ran to find out what I had done to the Flex... He was shocked I was "on his bumper" the whole run! He said when he pulled back in the pits his buddies were asking him if he had a flat tire since the Flex appeared to be hanging with him! The driver admitted that him and his buddies were all thinking I was going to run a 16 or 17 when I rolled past them! LOL!


Track photographer just put up this pic:



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I liked the wide sweep from the end of your run to the Lapeer tower sign!


So... I take it you weren't the big Lottery winner in Lapeer a week or so ago...


Yeah... I had asked the Mrs. to make sure she waited until the times were announced before stopping the camcorder... so she decided to film the tower while waiting! LOL! And no, i wasn't the winner... however I stop at that particular all the time! D'oah! LOL

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