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Alky wiring question #1

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This maybe the first of a few... So the kit came with this power relay. I have not idea what it is for or what I am suppose to wire it into. Do I even need it? I have an add-a-fuse on #46, and a ground for the control. I think that plus a wire from my MAP and wires for the pump and indicator light is all I need to finish.


Please let me know if I need to do something with this.



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I talked to Julio Friday and he seemed very nice but did mention he would not answer the work phone until Tuesday, and he may not get to emails timely.


That said I am confident that is correct. I wired as such and have everything laying on the floor ready to go through the fire wall for final hookup. I only have 1 drill bit long enough to get all of the way through, and it didnt get me a large enough hold for all wires. I will get a new bit in AM, wrap it all up, check for leaks, and hopefully be on my way!

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