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Alky install qustion #2

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OK at idle when you first primed the pump did the car start stumbling? I primed it, and hit it again to be sure it worked and I didnt have a leak. System appears fine, no leaks but the car fell all over itself. I am assuming this is because the tune is not ready for any a idle.


The nozzle location makes me nervous. I tried to get it front of the pre-map and angle it forward but I could only get just a bit in front of it.


Didnt plug the IAT back in and had a fault code. At first I panicked until I looked under the hood and saw what I had done.. :)

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Yes I used the washer tank and mounted the Alky provided tank just in front of it. Good thing I used the washer tank to! My "new washer tank" has a leak. I think it is because my impatient self used a 7/8 paddle when I knew a paddle wouldnt work well with plastic. I am going to call Julio Monday and buy a new tank & grommets. I just hope I can get it changed inside the passenger wheel well without taking the bumper off again :(

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