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Which Mobil 1 oil filter for a 2013????

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You can get the Ford filter at Rock Auto for a very reasonable price, when you buy several at a time like I do. Wally World sells Mobil 1 for a price that you can compete with the Mobil 1 filter deal. There has been some conjecture that the valving in the Ford filter is a better fit with our engines. I'm certainly not a a filter expert so cannot substantiate that. Something about the bypass pressures on WOT, that makes sure our engines are getting adequate oil, and not restricted by a filter that may be too restrictive at times.

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I've run Mobil One filters on GM products and Ford products and have been using them since they were first introduced and available in my area never had a problem with any of them. I really feel these filters are superior to the Ford filters. the bypass valve in the Mobil One is silicone just like the Ford and is made by the same manufacturer as the Royal Purple filters. If you compare the two filters the Mobil One looks far superior in both construction and weight to the Motorcraft (not that looks mean much) but in actual use, I have been very pleased with Mobil One, both the oil and filter since I never had an oil related problem in any vehicle in which I've used the Mobil One. That being said, the question is: "Is the Mobil One worth the extra cost vs the Ford filter?" (Which BTW, I've used and never had a problem with the Ford). I guess that is really up to you. For me, I've stuck with the Mobil One filter, but I have used the Motorcraft in some vehicles if I couldn't get the Mobil One.:confused:

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I have also run Mobil 1 filters on my last 3 cars. Sure there is nothing wrong with a Motorcraft filter, BUT aftermarket products almost always meet or exceed the performance/quality of OEM parts and in the case of Mobil 1 filters, there are many threads from various forums that have factual data to back up the fact that they are one of the best filters available. Having said that, I am running Motorcaft full synthetic on this oil change. Debating if I'm going to run Amsoil or try one of the other reputable synthetic's for the next change though.

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