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My New car review after 1 week and 400 miles with the 2013 SHO

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Excuse the typos. iPad auto correct is a bit aggressive.


Keep in mind I am coming from a 2006 Volvo s60r 6 speed manual.


The motor and power is outstanding and smooth. I have not pushed real hard being its still a new motor. But there is plenty of usable power anywhere above 1700 rpm. Gas mileage is pretty poor. But I am blaming this on new car testing and break in of the motor.


The transition is still taking time to get used to. I have driven manuals the past 20 years. I am struggling with D mode vs S mode. I don't like having to shift to s mode for performance. I am used to just adjusting gears and rims as needed. When I am in manual s mode, I wish there was a little more engine noise to help communicate shift points. The car is almost too quiet. But I know, 95% of the time I will want quiet.


My ford touch +sync is not as bad as I was electing from reviews, but also not as good as I was hoping for. Over the course of a week, and many hours of garage time, I have found the sweet spot for what I use "voice" control for and what I use "touch". I would say 80% gets touch.


The driver assist stuff and goodies are nice, but I wish I didn't have them. I tried, but the blind spot warning is useless for me. I don't trust it. Nothing beats a driver aware of their surroundings and one who check mirrors and blind spots before doing anything. The auto park assist is a nice gimmick, but it doesn't seam to work on smaller spaces where I have no problem parking on my own. Who needs it for big spots, unless you are just that bad at parallel parking. My old car had rear radar for parking, I love this and the addition of the rear camera is welcome. Especially with the big trunk lid on the SHO. The auto headlight high beem is worthless. It's too slow and distracting. Always going high and low.


Interior fit and finish is nice. Much nicer than I expected. This is my first ford since a 98 mustang gt.


overall, I am very happy. My old car was billed as a "R car" and made for the track. It was. It gave up creature comforts to be a weekend track car. The SHO too is billed as a "track" car for weekends. Especially with the performance pack I have. I would say this car leans more towards Luxo cruiser with a go fast pedal. I do not think this car would be a good track car for anyone with previous experience. It's just too big. But that's ok. The SHO fits my criteria. Powerfull highway cruiser, 4 door car, awd, safe for the family, but fun when alone.

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Speaking from experience, this car tracks rather nicely, it just took me a little getting used to coming from Mustang GT.


I am betting it will impress you on the road coarse when you have a chance to try.


I get 25mg avg at 79-80 mph on the highway on long trips, and back forth to work avg 21-22mpg (about 15 miles of hwy driving mostly)


On the BIR race coarse.... umm 6 mpg :happy:

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Congrats on the new car. It took me a while to get used to mine, but I did, and I agree to let the trans do the work, I do NOT use any voice controls, and I don't use the blind spot stuff, and I do NOT like the adaptive cruise deciding way to early to slow down or panic over stuff I normally wouldn't even let up for. I think WE should drive and not count on automatic features. I think this is dangerous, but I will say I do like to have the cruise do the work out on the highway and since I like to snatch a few seconds at a time with watching music DVD's ( I have a lock Pick) I like knowing the crash warning and adaptive cruise are looking out for me, but I do NOT bank on it. The aggressive tune reminds me of my last automatic wwwaaayyy back in 93 with my Corvette. That trans kicked down and bit just like I expected and this one will also. I had a ball shucking and jiving through traffic whipping a Charger RT because when I hit the gas my big ol tank took off in the right gear. Without the tune the torque management is something to get used to, but I have to say it sure is smooth.

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