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Under what conditions (2013 sho) is the rear bumper trunck release button active

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in my past 2 cars (audi and volvo) they too had a rear trunck release button similar to ours, just not mounted quite so low.


when I park my car in the garage, the keys are in it, usually in a cup holder.


All the doors are unlocked, but the rear button is not active. For me to get in the trunk i have to enter the car and hit that big button on the dash or use the remote.


How do I make the rear button work?

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If it's anything like the '10, '11, and '12 models.....


That exterior button has a proximity sensor and will only allow the button to function, if the key fob is within less than like a foot or so away.


Yes, I know, sounds stupid, especially if the key fob is left within the inside of the car as you are describing....


Give that a whirl, and if it works, well.......


Then I guess you'll just have to be resigned to removing the key fob from your car :noidea:

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I agree - I would prefer it that way. BUT the way it works makes sense for some situations. Ie. If I go to a track to go running, I leave the fob in the car and use the door code to lock the doors. If the trunk button worked simply by the fob being in the car, that would be bad in that situation. Even though I locked the doors with the keypad, somebody would still be able to get into the trunk. Persoanlly, I just wish the interior button for the trunk release in the MKS was not in the glovebox, but rather more accessible. I end up just using the fob trunk release even when I am in the car because it is easier than asking a passenger to move their knees so i can open the glove box.

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It's like there is no in between with Ford. LOL. Mine is hidden and inconvenient, yours is staring at you all the time. Off to the lower left of the steering column would suit me, like I have had in past cars. Enables you to just open the drivers door and push the button easily.

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