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How can we boost this sites traffic / post count....


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I keep comming here multiple times a day.... but no new posts.


I create 3 or 4, and only get 3 or 4 responses.


Just brain storiming here.....what kind of daily topics can we start that would genreate some interests?


I am used to my old audi and volvo boards that had multiple conversations going all day long. I need a propper goof off site when i should be working car forum...you know :)

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Then entire Ecoboost Platform itself, is still relatively young in the grand realm of things.


This EBOF site was started on, or around, December 11th, 2011.


It was bourne out of a necessity due to other communities who had membership that either hated on the EB platform (and were outwardly rude/disrespectful to the EB owners) and/or other communities that simply just did not specifically cater to the EcoBoost platform.


Thus, EBOF was created.


Considering the site is still not even a year old yet, I'm inclined to say we're doing pretty good.


We continue to get a barrage of those dasterdly Spammers that seem to still get past our current Spam Security Filters, but even then, our membership continues to grow / blossom on a weekly basis.


It helps that we have an OUTSTANDING core / base of contributing members, and it always helps that as new members come on board, we each take a moment to recognize their having registered here, and welcome them in accordingly.


Word of mouth, and/or referrals work pretty good too! :thumb:


It has been my practice to routinely visit other sites (whether they're Ford sites, or Lincoln sites) and quietly work amongst the background by sending PM's to those parties I feel would enjoy the comradarie and friendly atmosphere here on EBOF, and are also likely to contribute in a positive, informative manner.


I do all of this, in addtion to monitoring EBOF and performing moderating duties where needed.


All that said, I believe our ADMIN has worked on getting our EBOF community to appear "higher up" in the various search engines out there, and also using more keywords like "EcoBoost" or "SHO" etc. etc.


Ummm, let's see what else.......


Oh yea, it would help if more members here would upgrade their basic membership to "Premium Member" status.


The suggested $10 donation helps in one of two ways.....


1st (and primarily) it goes towards maintaining the ongoing costs related to using the Spam Security Programs.


If you look down towards the bottom of the main home page, these programs have (to date) automatically prevented almost 8K worth of known, documented spammers from infiltrating our community and posting their nonsense.


Even then, I still manually remove anywhere from a dozen, to two dozen per week that still manage to worm their way in......


2nd, a portion of that paltry, measly $10 donation also helps defray the costs related to EBOF Supporting Vendors, who pay a amount to be classified as "Supporting Vendors" and then advertise accordingly. The lower their costs, the likely they are to continue being part of the community, and renew their membership, and also continue making wonderful products for our line of vehicles.


Everyday, and multiple times a day, we have anywhere from a dozen, to four dozen "guests" who are lurking our boards.


I'd imagine that they may just be perusing the site to see what info's available, or maybe just checking out what products are available out there.


I am not aware of any other current forums communities that focus on the EcoBoost platform as in exclusively.


Unless of course it is considered like a "sub-category" or "sub-forum" of a particular vehicle.


I.E. There are F150 sites that cater to the F150's, but not the EcoBoost specifically, so F150 owners may be members of that brand or style of vehicle, but gravitate more towards threads / posts of said site, and just lurk / post there.


Our community is growing, it helps that we have great members who do contribute, and continue to contribute.


Hell, there was even a new sub-forum section that was just created yesterday (ideas/suggestions which derived from current membership) on the MyCal device.


Speaking of new things, I'd like to think that both the ADMIN staff here on EBOF, as well as your Moderation staff, are fairly responsive in comparison to other communities that I have experienced myself.


In closing, it will take a combination of things in order for the site to continue growing.......


Word of mouth referrals (both in person, and/or via PM's by visiting other sites), having a higher percentage of Premium Members attracts/retains more Supporting Vendors, in turn, more Supporting Vendors = more product availability and R&D for future products accordingly (as they see a direct interest in the EcoBoost platform), having registered members who contribute in various posts and or creating "How-To's" threads on product installs / usage experience(s), etc. etc., responsive ADMIN/Mod Staff, having a Spam Free Community, etc.


It's a combined effort, that will occur over time.


Again, keep in mind, that EBOF is barely 9 months old :RpS_thumbup:

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