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Husky Floor liners/mats

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Well I had a credit on Amazon and it was a credit certificate only valid for Amazon sales, not a third party from usps loosing my textbook trade-in package. Amazon has great cust service. Earlier I took the sho for a vacuum and I just keep thinking with winter approaching these stock floor mats are not going to last with the salt they use here on the roads, but the cheap rubber mats at autozone will not fit. So I ordered a full set of black for $82 with prime (free 2nd day shipping) my cost out of pocket $18.00. Not bad should have them tuesday I will post up some pics. That covers front and rear floors with the rear being a 1 piece over the hump design.

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I had Husky liners in my F-150 and really liked them. They really held up to daily use and really didn't wear at all. I had them for almost 19 years and they were in good shape when I got rid of the truck. I was impressed because I was wearing duty boots and even the heavy duty footwear didn't phase them. I have the WeatherTech in the Taurus and love them. Great product, great company with great service. Only complain (and not really a major one) was that the Husky Liners did not anchor any way to the floor so they did move around a bit.

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